Summer tyres

Tyfoon summer tyres are a good alternative to the premium brands. The quality of this favourably priced tyre can be called high-quality. Tyfoon summer tyres are developed and manufactured in Europe and Asia. You are guaranteed of a high-quality product at a very competitive price.

Due to the composition of the tyre, the rubber compound and the choice of tread, Tyfoon summer tyres perform optimally in all conditions. Even when extreme performances are required, for example braking on a wet road surfaces or during sudden emergency manoeuvres, Tyfoon tyres prove their quality. They guarantee the best contact with the road surface in all conditions.

Whether you are alone in the car or with your family, you must be able to rely on the performance of your tyres at all times. Tyfoon summer tyres combine safety and good driving characteristics with a very attractive price range. Don’t overpay, choose Tyfoon tyres.

Successor 6

The Tyfoon Successor 6 is a high performance summer tyre for passenger cars in the middle and top segment. The Successor 6 is the ideal tyre for sporty and active riders. This summer tyre combines speed, control, reliable handling and comfort. In sudden (evasive) maneuvers, the car remains in control, even on wet roads.

  • 300 km/u
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Successor 5

The Successor 5 has been completely redesigned with the latest technological developments. In terms of handling and grip on wet surfaces a great progress has been made. The tyre…

  • 300 km/h
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Connexion 5

The Connexxion 5 is a sporty, mid-range tyre. When developing the Connexxion 5, we carefully looked at the optimal combination of tyre…

  • 210 km/h
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Connexion 3

The Tyfoon Connexion 3 is a solid summer tyre for smaller family cars and passenger cars in the middle segment. Optimal road holding and excellent performance on dry and wet surfaces; you can rely on the Connexion 3.

  • 210 km/u
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Connexion 2

The Tyfoon Connexion II is ideal for compact family cars. These tyres guarantee reliability and performance. The excellent driving characteristics…

  • 190 km/h
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Heavy Duty 3

The Tyfoon Heavy Duty 3 is a robust summer tyre for vans. Thanks to its advanced tread design, reinforced tyre build-up and solid shoulders, this van tyre delivers reliable performance. This tyre comes into its own during heavier transport.

  • 190 km/u
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Heavy Duty II

The Tyfoon HEAVY DUTY 2 has a high carrying capacity and is specially developed for heavy-duty performance. Due to the application of a sturdy tread combined with extra reinforcement in the…

  • 190 km/h
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