Heavy Duty 4

The Tyfoon Heavy Duty 4 is the advanced successor to the successful Heavy Duty 2. The completely newly developed Heavy Duty 4 is based on an extra heavy tyre construction. The improved rubber compound makes the Heavy Duty 4 extremely reliable and safe. The basis of the renewed tread is formed by three continuous tread bars. The robust tread blocks have slanted, widthwise tread grooves that efficiently channel water and dirt to the side of the tyre. This greatly reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The wide tread blocks on the tyre shoulder ensure stable driving behaviour. Even during sudden braking and/or evasive manoeuvres, the properties remain unchanged, so that the vehicle remains easy to steer. The optimum grip and short braking distance provide more safety, and despite its robust construction, the tyre feels very comfortable, certainly for a Heavy Duty version.

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  • 190 km/h
    • The tread construction with its continuous longitudinal grooves and angled transversal grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning.
    • The new, heavier tyre structure ensures a greater load capacity.
    • The block-shaped tread construction in combination with the robust shoulder blocks guarantees more stability, grip and steering precision.


    "The best alternative to A-Brands"
    80 Series
    185 80 14102QDC72BEPREL Database
    75 Series
    195 75 16107RDC72BEPREL Database
    70 Series
    195 70 15104RDC72BEPREL Database
    65 Series
    235 65 16115RDC72BEPREL Database