About Tyfoon

Tyfoon has been a private label of Inter-Sprint B.V. for more than 25 years and has been one of the jewels in its portfolio for years.

Tyfoon tyres are produced in the European Union by Germany’s largest tyre manufacturer. Using the latest technological developments, they design and produce the most modern Tyfoon tyres. Thanks to the tyre’s composition, rubber compound and choice of tread design, you can count on optimal performance even under the most extreme conditions.

In addition, Tyfoon also has a number of attractively priced alternatives in its range, produced by reliable class manufacturers in Asia.

Tyfoon offers you a complete and high-quality product range at a very competitive price. Tyfoon’s complete range consists of 14 modern profiles and more than 230 references in summer, four-season and winter.

The right contact with the road surface is vital in all circumstances. Whether you are alone or with your family in the car. You must be able to rely on the performance of your tyres at all times.  That is why Tyfoon is the alternative to the established A-brands at a reasonable price.

Tyfoon, The tyre to drive!