All season tyres

Tyfoon All-season tyres (also known as 4-season tyre or all-weather) are a thoughtful mix between summer and winter tyres. The rubber of all-season tyres is harder than that of a winter tyre but once again softer than that of the summer tyre. Because of the special rubber compound and profile all-season tyres perform excellent in summer and winter. The stopping distance of an all-season tyre in winter is shorter than that of a summer tyre. In the Netherlands, with usually mild winters an all-season tyre is a decent alternative for the winter tyre but, however, an all-season tyre is not a full replacement for the winter tyre. Winter tyres have unique characteristics for maximum performance in winter conditions. The All-season tyre is a combination of summer and winter, and therefore a combination of specific properties. The level of performance is always a compromise between the essential summer or winter tyre properties. In Germany, and many other European countries, all-season tyres that have an M + S symbol (possibly in combination with the snowflake symbol) are also permitted in the winter. The minimum tread depth in winter is 4 mm.

Tyfoon 4-season

The Tyfoon 4-Season is a complete, newly developed All-Season tyre and is manufactured on the newest production lines. We always use first-class raw materials. Thanks to the reinforced…

  • 240 km/h
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All season 5

The Tyfoon All Season 5┬áis a technically advanced product. The Tyfoon All Season tyre ensures a good grip all year round and subsequently a safe and reliable feeling. The balanced…

  • 270 km/h
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All season II

The Tyfoon All Season II is a technically advanced product. The unique tread design lets the tire excels in all seasons. The unique dual tread compound gives good grip in all…

  • 190 km/h
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Van 4-Season

The Tyfoon Van 4-Season is Tyfoon’s newest all-season tyre, specially developed for vans. The extra reinforced tyre construction forms the basis of this version. The all-season profile, with 3 continuous longitudinal grooves and the side continuous width grooves, generate maximum grip in all weather conditions and minimize the risk of aquaplaning. The wide, sloping, robust […]

  • 190 km/u
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