Connexion 5

The Connexion 5 is a sporty tire for the middle segment. When developing the Connexion 5, the optimum combination between tire construction, rubber composition and profile design was carefully considered. This guarantees you a high-performance tire with reliable driving and braking characteristics with a competitive price-quality ratio.

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  • 210 km/h
    • 3 wide lengthways grooves combined with reinforced shoulder blocks with continuous slanted lateral grooves.
    • Stable driving and braking characteristics thanks to reinforced tyre structure.
    • Optimal grip and stability, also in the corners.
    • Shorter braking distance on dry and wet road surfaces.
    • Reduced rolling resistance ensures better mileage and lower fuel consumption.
    "The alternative to A-brands"
    13 inch
    155/65 R 1373TEC270
    165/65 R 1377TEC270
    14 inch
    155/65 R 1475TEC270
    165/65 R 1479TEC270
    165/60 R 1475HEC270
    175/65 R 1482TEC270
    185/65 R 1486TEC270
    185/65 R 1486HEC270
    185/60 R 1482HEC270
    15 inch
    165/65 R 1581TEC270
    185/65 R 1588TEB270
    185/65 R 1588HEB270
    185/60 R 1584TEB270
    185/60 R 1584HEB270
    185/60 R 15XL88HEB270